Andrew Thompson

€ 375,00

vr 19 dec 06:00-07:00

I love running! But I hate running on treadmills. In this instance I will make an exception. It really is such a great cause. So I am doing it for the girls!

Almudena sponsorde € 50,00

Michiel sponsorde € 25,00
Andrew, goodluck DB.

Neil Travers sponsorde € 20,00
Andrew - go, go , go - keeping on running

Marga sponsorde € 10,00

Wendy Reijnhoudt sponsorde € 10,00
Awesome Andrew, go for it!

Aneta and Patrick sponsorde € 15,00
Superduper! Run for them!

Andy Ichel sponsorde € 20,00
Go Andrew!

Ola sponsorde € 10,00
Great cause, good luck!

Kasia sponsorde € 10,00
You can do it! :)

Pieter Hollestelle sponsorde € 20,00
Andrew, keep the treadmill going! Thanks for stepping up to this challenge and stepping into this treadmill raising money for a good cause.

Sergio Puerto sponsorde € 10,00
Vamos Andrew! Eres de puta madre!

Katy sponsorde € 15,00
go Andrew! :)

Lucas Amaro Garcia sponsorde € 10,00
It's great you are doing this! Corre mucho!

zabdiel sponsorde € 70,00
You are doing a great job guys! thank you

Wendy sponsorde € 10,00
You go for it Andrew! (I am glad you are running the treadmill and I can "just" donate to support you and above all this good cause!)

Georgiana sponsorde € 10,00
Great effort guys! Good luck!

Rajni Somur sponsorde € 10,00
Thank you both Andrew and Peter! You have my support. Goodluck!!

Pamela Garcia sponsorde € 10,00
Don't wake me up when you leave to run that morning! Oh and good luck :-)

Hein Tournaij sponsorde € 20,00
Good luck Andrew. Go for it aussie!

Peter Henrichs sponsorde € 10,00
Because you suck in gaining donations, here is my contribution man!

Marian Gravemaker sponsorde € 10,00
Dear Andrew and Peter, Thank you so much for running the treadmill to raise money for victums of sexual violence. You have my support!